Stocco. Innovative bathroom furniture since 1969

Water, design, passion: these are the keys that drive the Stocco company. Founded in 1969 by the Stocco brothers, the company specializes in the furniture sector, particularly in bathroom furnishings.

Over the last thirty years, Stocco has established its presence in the world of designer bathroom furniture, becoming an international reference point for high-quality Made in Italy production and innovation, thanks to some iconic collections including Vela, Quarantotto, Origami bathtub, Iks systems, Over, and Loop.

The main goal of the Stocco brothers is to maintain and improve quality standards, with a focus on enhancing the products and services provided to customers. At the heart of Stocco's working method, which always aims for improvement, are the people who collaborate and interact with the company on a daily basis.

Quality and Sustainability

Stocco's production has always been designed to last over time, with an emphasis on the responsible use of raw materials. In recent years, the company has implemented production processes that focus on environmental protection and sustainability. Sustainability is an evolving process that results in durable products and timeless aesthetics, emphasizing the quality of materials, raw materials, and semi-finished products that are as eco-friendly as possible.

Tailor Made Method

The Tailor Made method consists of three phases:

1) Tailored Design: Designing flexible product systems with enduring aesthetics, intended to furnish the bathroom environment with personalization and the quality assurance of industrial standards.

2) Tailored Craft: Offering each customer the opportunity to create their own project through a range of solutions specifically designed to enhance the uniqueness of environments and stylistic originality.

3) Tailored Service: Enhancing the service with a focus on quality, along the journey from the initial contact to post-sales support.

The Tailor Made proposal by Stocco and the Tailor Made service

Tailor Made Stocco offers customizable solutions for bathroom furnishings to architects, designers, and interior designers. All Stocco compositions can be created by integrating systems and collections with proposals for tops and complementary products to create unique and original design projects.
The service provides specialized support for professionals in the bathroom environment, from the design process to post-sales assistance with a dedicated consulting service.



IKS Full

Iks is a high-quality suspended bathroom furniture system, created by Stocco Design Lab with the ...


Iks UP

Suspended bathroom furniture with a 45° angle.



Loop suspended bathroom furniture, a complete and elegant system.



Bathroom furniture compositions with integrated countertops.



The Stilo bathroom furniture collection made by Stocco is characterised by the vibrant three-dime...

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