Paiova 5 Bathtub

Bathtubs Paiova 5 Bathtub 3D Models

Based on the vision of EOOS Design, the new product offering continues within a new category – combining advantages of a corner bathtub application with those of a freestanding version, allowing for space saving while maintaining an open bathroom feel. As a result, the Paiova 5 bathtub has the appearance of a sculpture – a bath that integrates seamlessly into the layout of the room.

The combination of these two types of bath concepts also allow for two new innovative and ergonomic seating and resting positions. Two permanent, different back slope angles, 40° and 46°, invite to a relaxing bathing experience. The layout of the tub even allows two users of different heights to enjoy a relaxing bath while providing foot support if necessary.

Paiova 5 is available in two sizes: 1700 x 1300 mm and 1900 x 1400 mm, as corner right or corner left version as well as monolithic or built-in.

The Paiova family of bathtubs includes 8 different models.