Ceramics flooring,
Blue Willow

Flooring ceramics Blue Willow 3D Models

It’s impossible to truly appreciate this collection, if youdon’t know the story and the legend behind it. Thestory is that of a motif created at the end of the 18thcentury by a famous english ceramist. The legend,on the other hand, is about a wealthy Mandarin andhis beautiful daughter, who fell in love with a humbleclerk. Her father wanted her to have nothing to dowith him; he promised her in marriage to a Duke, andsaid they would be married when the blossoms fellfrom the branches of the willow tree. But on the eve oftheir wedding, the poor clerk took the Duke’s ship andcarried off the beautiful girl to a remote island, wherethey lived happily for years, until the Duke discoveredthem, at which point the gods saved the lovers fromcertain death by transforming them into doves. Thedescriptive white, blue and red of the fragments istherefore backed up by a legend to tell curious visitors.When you have had enough of telling it over and overagain, you can always take it apart and rewrite it.