Download 3d models and bim objects concrete houses made in Italy

In the vast world of prefabricated construction, Syncronia stands out by offering a wide range of 3D and BIM models for concrete house walls, designed to fuel your creativity and elevate your architectural projects to new heights of excellence. Our prefabricated house wall models, available for free on this page, are the result of close collaboration with leading Italian companies in the industry. By choosing Syncronia, you can access 3D files of concrete house walls optimized for the most popular architectural design software, including dwg for Autocad, bim for Autodesk Revit, and models for Sketchup and 3dsmax, all ready for quick and free download.

In addition to providing impeccable 3D models, we are committed to offering comprehensive technical support. If you have questions or need assistance during the design of your concrete houses, our specialized team is always ready to help. You can contact our staff or directly reach out to the technical offices of the manufacturing companies through the contact forms provided at the bottom of each page featuring prefabricated concrete house models. Along with 3D models, we provide access to detailed technical specifications and tender information, ensuring the utmost precision in your work.

By freely downloading our 3D models of concrete house walls in formats such as .dwg, .3ds, .fbx, and Sketchup, along with BIM objects in .rfa and .ifc formats, tender documents, technical specifications, company catalogs, and images in JPEG format, you save valuable time. All the files we provide come directly from the manufacturers of concrete house walls, giving you the peace of mind to use original, high-quality materials.

Choose Syncronia for your construction projects and dive into a world of innovation and possibilities. Our collection of 3D and BIM models for concrete house walls represents the best of Italian craftsmanship and advanced design. We simplify the design process by offering you all the necessary resources to create unique and high-quality architectural projects. Discover the future of concrete houses with Syncronia, where your "Made in Italy" project comes to life extraordinarily.

Concrete Houses

115 mq

CLASSIC 115: The size of this house retain the traditional balance of spaces between the living and sleeping areas thanks to the r
Concrete Houses

100 mq

CLASSIC 100: The overhangs created on both sides of this house immediately reveal the projection toward
Concrete Houses

160 mq

CLASSIC 160: From the first glance this house is available to warmly welcome and protect life by fully promoting the daily life of
Concrete Houses

140 mq

CLASSIC 140: The division of the spaces on two floors aims to create an additional sense of privacy between the living and sleepin
Concrete Houses

135 mq

CLASSIC 135 : This traditional line is combined with sumptuous living spaces that have a large pavilion roof that confirms the sol
Concrete Houses

120 mq

CLASSIC 120: The order of the openings, the harmonious arrangement of the elements of the roof, the warmth of the materials and th