Covering panels and laminates,
DEKODUR - Bark Cloth®

Covering panels and laminates DEKODUR - Bark Cloth® 3D Models

The name dekowood bark cloth® stands for a decorative high pressure laminate (HPL) manufactured using the regrowing bark of the fig tree (Ficus natalensis). A cloth is obtained using the peeled bark of the fig tree. The bark can be peeled up to 40 times. The treated bark is made up in the country of origin, Uganda, and the cloth is sown together in large sealed sheets and is the natural row material in the manufacture of dekowood bark cloth® The cloth made from the bark is pressed, using a special process, with a core of paper impregnated with phenol and/or melamine resins to a high pressure decorative laminate. The surfaces are protected by the use of a lacquer (W 300/LAC), oil (W 300/OEL) or by pressing with an overlay (W 300/OVE). These surfaces are very pleasant to the touch giving a feeling of soft leather. The structure however is more marked. Depending on the individual tree, cloth or treatment the colour can vary between intensive beige to a dark brown. Every dekowood bark cloth® sheet is in itself unique, which however gives a harmonic picture when used in combination with other sheets. The beauty and charm of the bark cloth sheet can be combined with other materials to give attractive and interesting effects.