Covering panels and laminates,
DEKODUR - Unique Art

Covering panels and laminates DEKODUR - Unique Art 3D Models

The name dekoart – unique art stands for a high pressure laminate (HPL) with a hand-coloured copper surface. The motives were designed and coloured by artists. The 0.035 mm thick metal layer is applied to a core of phenolic resin using high pressure. All our products are coated with an UV – lacquer based on acryl. The lacquer has scratch hardness in EN 438 of > 1, 5 N. The surface is unaffected by common household agents / solvents. Alcohol has no effect. Slight variations of the silky shine / gloss coming from raw copper material are unavoidable. Each laminate sheet is unique. The colouring technologies by hand allow, with regard to motive and colours – and in particular: design – that the unique art sheets are very simliar, but never identical.