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MG01 Magnetic is a floor with a dry laying system, that can be installed through magnetic adhesion. Its development has followed criteria of new conception, with a high content of technology and design, with particular attention to the functionality and quality of the materials used, according to the criteria of the “Sustainable Project”, to guarantee wellbeing and attention to the environment. The modular tiles have a minimal thickness, they can be quickly laid and walked on immediately. Made of metal, a recyclable material, they therefore present themselves as the ideal solution for green buildings or spaces to be renovated; they can be placed on a screed or on old floors, that cannot be demolished but covered. Fast, totally dry installation also allows full reversibility in just as fast times. All with a particular attention also to the containment of labor costs.


You can choose from among various finishes in natural or worked metal, including:

stainless steel (various textures);

oxidized steel (various textures);


copper (various textures);

brushed bronze;

brass (various textures);

stainless concrete.

To view the types of different finishes offered, see the Finishing materials technical data sheet.

The materials are organised in 3 collections.

Silvery collection - the main theme of this collection is steel. The collection includes brushed steel, satin steel, steel canvas, embossed steel, stainless concrete.

Charme collection - this collection features the warm colours of copper and the golden tones of brass and bronze. This collection includes brushed copper, satin copper, copper canvas, brushed brass, satin brass, brass canvas, brushed bronze finishes.

Eclipse collection - a collection characterized by the chiaroscuro of the unique and unrepeatable oxidized calamines. This collection includes calamine, brushed oxidized steel, satin oxidized steel, oxidized steel canvas finishes.


The Planium systems can mount up to 13 different sizes in rectangular, square, hexagonal and triangular versions.

Below is an extract of the downloadable technical data sheet in PDF format in the section at the bottom of this page.

Formati planium


















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