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Planium designs and manufactures modular and self-locking flooring systems. In addition to the standard floorings proposed in the catalog - loose-lay, raised and raised radiant - Planium designs and builds custom solutions for Architecture and for Contract.

All the systems are engineered and created with innovative processes, attention to quality, functionality and design. 

The Planium systems allow to install any finish with a simple gesture and exclusively dry, keeping the total reversibility and portability of the chosen flooring.


Metal floors

Planium - AC01 Stick-on floor

AC01 Stick-on Floor is a floor with metal finishes and traditional installation.

Metal coating

Planium - AC02 Stick-on wall

AC02 Stick-on Wall is wall coating, in tiles, applicable with glue.

Metal floors

Planium - AP01 Lay floor

AP01 Lay Floor is the floor that allows maximum installation speed.

Metal floors

Planium - Custom Projects

Everything has the flexibility that distinguishes us.  

Metal floors

Planium - MG01 Magnetic floor

The MG01 Magnetic Floor is an effective and fast installation system. The attractiveness of the m...

Metal floors

Planium - MR01 radiant raised system floor

The MR01 radiant raised system is innovative as it is the first on the market to have a radiant h...

Metal floors

Planium - PL01 Invisible Floor

The new loose-lay flooring system PL01 Invisible revolutionizes the traditional installation tech...

Metal floors

Planium - SM02 Evolution Floor

Planium loose lay flooring system, with removable tiles and dry installation, consisting of 2 par...

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