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Primordial sensations where reality meets imagination


The delicate breath of nature conceals tales captured by the soul and reworked by ingenuity, in a process that first identifies its rules and then subverts them using new forms and materials, with the aid of creativity and imagination, artistic tradition and technology. This is one definition of mosaic: an art which is both ancient and modern, patient and silent, which uses fresh aesthetic codes to express natural beauty sublimated into rich, exquisite compositions, a graceful, attractive accompaniment to our daily lives. Nature can be recounted in many different ways, through tales that describe its most significant traits, its sometimes bizarre shapes and its allusions to a world of boundless images, primordial sensations, and colours and variable shades steeped in light, natural loveliness and emotion.

Botanic Tale is a collection of mosaics with modular patterns, able to adapt to surfaces of all sizes, and mixes of chips in the 10x10 mm size, in an original interpretation of the shapes and colours of an image-rich botanical garden, where reality and imagination meet.

Surfaces created with glazes and glasses with different levels of transparency and iridescence interweave and combine to create stylised decorative motifs with constantly varying shades, a blend of light and colour. The mosaic itself, an environment-friendly, sustainable material made from natural powders and minerals, becomes an intelligent part of a project built around nature, with respect for its most profound identity.

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