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Arenaria Grigia - Rivestimenti a spacco

Download 3D Texture Viel Rivestimenti a spacco Arenaria Grigia

Grey, natural sandstone floor and wall tiles.

Viel has long experience in processing, supplying and laying natural stone, both indoors and outdoors. The use of natural stone for flooring, cladding and furnishings is a harmonious choice with a natural style that respects the environment.

Natural stone is the biocompatible material par excellence, it is safe for humans, and the entire processing stage involves a very low environmental impact compared to other materials.  The waste from natural stone can then be reused as a building material or disposed of as a nonhazardous material.

Stone is also a thermal insulator that stores and releases heat gradually, reducing the energy requirements for space heating and cooling.
Other key characteristics of stone are: being fireproof, resistant to fire; breathable and non-toxic to humans without containing harmful substances. It guarantees strength and durability.

Grey Arenaria natural stone floor/wall tiles are distinguished by their thermal inertia and are suitable for indoor and outdoor environments located in areas with a cold climate. Arenaria Grigia natural stone floor and wall tiles tend to be laid in squared ashlars, with medium to large pieces, giving rise to sand-colored shades on a gray background or vice versa.

On this product page you can download the bim objects of gray sandstone floors for autodesk revit, rvt format, and you will be able to find the textures of gray sandstone natural stone to be used to make your floor or wall design, for interior and exterior.
Viel also provides the company catalog, with the wide selection of fine natural stone cladding offered, and the specification of gray sandstone.

Please do not hesitate to contact Viel for advice on material selection, better definition of your project, and information on the professional natural stone cladding installation service performed by the company. To nimbly contact Viel simply use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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