Natural stone,
Multi Small Rocks, Rivestimenti a spacco

Download 3D Texture Viel Multi Small Rocks

Viel split floor coverings have added value due to their dynamic texture, roughness and versatility. In combination with other materials such as glass, steel and wood, innovative design creations can be realised. Split surfaces are characterised by their irregular and rough appearance, bringing out all the natural and chromatic characteristics of stone.

Viel presents Multi Small Rocks, a split cladding made of elongated stone strips that protrude conspicuously one above the other, emphasising the three-dimensionality of each element. Light shades enhance the lively style and discontinuous surface of Multi Small Rocks cladding. Thanks to all its features Multi Small Rocks is suitable for the design of rustic buildings, exterior partitions or walls in contemporary architecture.

Viel makes available for download 3D models in BIM format and textures of the Multi Small Rocks cladding for inclusion in your architectural project. In the download section in addition to downloading the BIM files and textures you can also download the Multi Small Rocks cladding catalogue and specifications.

If you need more information on the use of split cladding for your architectural project, please do not hesitate to contact the company. You can contact the Viel company via the contact form at the bottom of this product page.

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