Parquet, Maps by Luca Compri - Design parquet

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Decorated wood floor: Luca Compri "maps"

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Decorated wood floor: Luca Compri "maps"

Luca Compri, was born in October the 10th 1971 in Varese and since his youngest years he has been attending experimental schools. It has been during this period that he started to show special interest in nature, art and architecture. In 1996 Compri received his graduation of the Politecnico University of Milan. During the period from 2001 till 2004 he develops his competences in the field of sustainability and to be a successful pioneer regarding construction techniques and construction materials like wood and "raw" earth.


In 2004 Compri founds his own studio located between the Villa Ponti and the Villa Panza in the city of Varese. His professional background and his heterogeneous experiences are fully used in his projects. The main interest is represented by the study about architectural spaces and the direct relationship between the latest and the end user, and his continuous attempt to melt the unique values of nature with the geometrical and rational soul of architecture. Together with the continuous growth of the public interest and commitment towards themes related to the environment, the studio becomes a well-established reference point on the market regarding the design of green buildings, responding to the requirements of men and of our planet.


In 2008 Compri becomes a consultant of the Associazione Nazionale Architettura Bioecologica (ANAB). At the same time he is invited as guest speaker at seminars and writes articles. Since a couple of years the studio is also very active abroad, especially in Tchad: a country in which there are more possibilities regarding prototyping and bio architecture which could produce very interesting works.


1934Design | Luca Compri | decorated wood floor "maps"

Size Maxitavole design: 13x120x1200 or 13x150x1500mm.

Size Maxitavole B5: 13x100/120/150/175/200x1000-2500 mm.


A Note for sample request:

You can receive a sample of the stave that shows in detail the decoration with two folders holding material samples of all the colours and all the surfaces of the product collection. A 35 Euro refund is required, including shipping expenses, payable in cash on delivery.

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