Ramoscelli by Paolo Tempia Bonda - Design parquet

Parquet Ramoscelli by Paolo Tempia Bonda - Design parquet 3D Models

Decorated wood floor: Paolo Tempia Bonda "ramoscelli"


Paolo Tempia Bonda, an architect whose 360° designs range from architecture to industrial design to graphics. His first contact with the world of design was in 1989 when, still a student, he won an international competition for the creation of a Swatch dial. Following on from this, he has worked with many Italian and foreign companies, designing both mass-produced products for big industry (including elevators, hi-fi equipment, instruments for ultra-high vacuum technology, cladding and façade systems) and unique or limited series pieces (furniture, lamps, furnishings, jewellery etc).


In his own research he continuously experiments with new technologies, in particular with materials which can be used in architectural and interior design environments. Through MYdesign srl, of which he is Chief Executive, he mainly works with industrial realities in order to aesthetically innovate processes and products in multiple areas. Along with his designer activity, he combines a didactic work: he has been teaching at the European Institute of Design in Milan since 1999.


1934Design | Paolo Tempia Bonda | decorated wood floor "ramoscelli"

Size Maxitavole design: 13x120x1200 or 13x150x1500mm.

Size Maxitavole B5: 13x100/120/150/175/200x1000-2500 mm.



A Note for sample request:

You can receive a sample of the stave that shows in detail the decoration with two folders holding material samples of all the colours and all the surfaces of the product collection. A 35 Euro refund is required, including shipping expenses, payable in cash on delivery.

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