Louver canopy

Appreciate the perfect balance of nature’s smallest details every day of the year. A KE louvered pergola immerses you in the outdoors allowing you to enjoy all the best aspects of open-air life. Solar rays are comfortably filtered thanks to the customizable inclination of the slatted sun shades while the pergola lets in a light breeze that is always just right. If the weather surprises you with a sudden rain shower, the adjustable louvered-roof pergola quickly provides protection. Whatever the weather, our louvered pergola with its adjustable slats delivers a space that is pleasant and relaxing.

The strength of the aluminum and the power of the motor used to move the sunshade slats blend into the streamlined and refined design, perfectly complementing both contemporary and classical architectural styles.

You can choose to create a self-supporting structure, one that leans against the wall or a roof-only version, all without any need for supporting pillars. In this way, light becomes the main star of the show in the spaces you create.

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