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Forza6 is a patented prefabricated panel specially engineered for the construction of large building coverings. The Forza6 prefabricated wooden panel is composed of a layer of acoustic slats made of mineralized wood fibers, laminated wooden beams, and OSB panels.

Due to the panel's composition, it is possible to create coverings that meet acoustic and fire resistance requirements prescribed for public spaces with unparalleled cost competitiveness.

The Forza6 prefabricated wooden panel has 6 advantages that make it superior to all other covering solutions currently available in the market:

  • Fire-resistant (REI30 or REI60)
  • Resolves internal building acoustics issues
  • Easy and quick to install: over 300 square meters of covering can be installed in just one day
  • Inspectable
  • Compatible with all insulation and on-site covering packages
  • More cost-effective than other solutions on the market: no finishing is required on the visible side.

Application Fields:

Due to its technical characteristics, the Forza6 panel can be used for covering various environments characterized by noise and fire risk, proving particularly advantageous for large surfaces due to its simplicity and quick installation.

Some examples of applications for the Forza6 prefabricated wooden panel covering include:

  • Green and walkable flat roofs, residential and industrial flat roofs
  • Schools, nurseries, classrooms
  • Public halls, auditoriums, cinemas, theaters
  • Gyms and sports facilities. Note: the panel also boasts impact resistance, resistance to ball impacts, and correct light reflection, features required for sports facility coverings.
  • Airports, train stations, subways
  • Places of worship and gathering
  • Shopping malls, warehouses, exhibition spaces
  • Noisy or high-fire-load production environments
  • Executive offices and open spaces, coworking spaces
  • Medical centers, veterinary clinics

Customization of the Forza6 Prefabricated Wooden Panel:

Aesthetically, the visible side of the prefabricated panel is entirely customizable, both in terms of the arrangement of acoustic slats and their width, color, and texture. The standard color of the visible side of the acoustic slats is natural ivory, but different colors can be obtained upon request, based on the textures offered in a rich color palette.
At the bottom of this product page on the Syncronia portal, in addition to the 3D models of the prefabricated panel, you can also find textures of various colors available for the acoustic slats made of mineralized wood fibers: a wide range of colors that can be used both in full field and organized according to a laying pattern, to achieve solutions suitable for any architectural and stylistic context.

Files for Designing with the Forza6 Prefabricated Wooden Panel:

On this page, you can find BIM models in IFC format of the Forza6 prefabricated wooden panel for use in your architectural project for the construction of large building coverings.
The 3D and BIM files for Forza6 are available in IFC format and are organized based on the thickness of the laminated wooden beams, offered with acoustic slats in different widths depending on technical and aesthetic needs. Beams with thicknesses of 160 mm, 200 mm, 240 mm, and 280 mm can be downloaded: refer to the Forza6 technical data sheet, downloadable from this page, to view the load diagram in relation to the panel size and the thickness of the laminated wooden beams.

From this product page, you can also download a brief presentation of the Forza6 prefabricated wooden panel, the technical data sheet of the prefabricated panel with specifications in PDF format containing information about the size of the beams and maximum loads, as well as examples of aesthetic solutions for the visible side based on the width of the slats of the prefabricated panel.

Discover also the patented Forza7 prefabricated wooden panel variant for covering environments with a high level of humidity and aggressive atmospheres.

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