Sweet Sauna XL

SweetSaunaXL - Sweet Collection 3D Models

Designer: Cristiano Mino

Heat bath, soft lighting, music, wellness paths and persuasive aromatic scents for a new variation of the Nordic tradition. SweetSaunaXL offers a multisensory experience with a style never seen before: in the bedroom, the bathroom or the personal area of the SPA. Forged by Starpool’s experience, SweetSaunaXL accommodates up to four people with innovative benches, designed to optimize comfort. A unique environment where the bouquet of fine oak and non-conventional elements renew tradition of Finnish sauna. The color of the fading LED bar RGB follows the elegant lines of the slats, and emphasizes shapes and materiality; the internal stove adjacent to the crystal or marble wall, which gives nobility and elegance to the cabin, recreates the principles of the Finnish sauna: temperatures to 90°C and 10-20% relative humidity.

With a simple touch on SweetSaunaXL panel will enable the following functions:
- heat bath - Finnish sauna;
- 4 wellness paths (Excite, relax, purify and tonic), each being characterized by a 20-minute steam bath themed with music, color, aroma, and sensory shower;
- LED bar RGB with to combine your favorite colors into a fade;
- Music: play - stop and skip audio MP3 with predisposition.

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