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Sofas Charles Outdoor 3D Models

The system of sofas Charles, bestseller and longseller company, 13 years after his debut in the collection of B & B Italy, is now available as the new outdoor, outdoor Charles. Remain intact the characteristics that have made it a classic taste strongly contemporary: the flexibility of the system, its sleek, simple design of the aluminum legs in the shape of inverted "L". The volume of the structure, while maintaining an aesthetic temporal and rigorous equivalent to the original design, it is emptied through a light structure of aluminum and an outer surface made ​​with a weave open, regular and orthogonal ribbons in propylene. The range consists of 9 elements with sofas, chaise longue, for different sizes and types, in addition to a chair and a cot with the possibility of inclination of the backrest. To brown belts, combine the tissues of the back cushion covers (available in three sizes) and seat cushions, which can maintain the neutral shade of the structure or coordinate with the brightness and vivacity of the colors of the new outdoor textile collection. B & B Italy, guaranteeing greater protection against atmospheric agents, will adopt specific water-repellent treatments for all the fabrics in the collection and for the interior of the pillows.

Designer: Antonio Citterio

Collection: B&B Italia Outdoor

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