Technical porcelain stoneware,
Marmo Carpet effect

Download Texture LB - Marmo Carpet

One size fine porcelain stoneware with a marble effect and double-faced veins throughout the entire thickness.

Composition in technical porcelain stoneware and polished lappato finishes, through-body veining.

It can be lapped on both sides for a double-faced effect.

The 160x320 slabs are available in 2 cm thickness to create partition walls and can also be used for bathroom, kitchen, and table top surfaces.

Very suitable for 2cm thick and partition walls.

It can also be made in 1 cm thickness for interior floors and walls.

The product complies with all the technical porcelain stoneware regulations.

The following textures are available in the download:

- White Marmo Carpet slabs: white marble with double-faced veins;

- Black Marmo Carpet slabs: black marble with double-faced veins.