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Ventilated walls Terra FLAT ventilated wall 3D Models

Palagio’s TerraFLAT ventilated wall is composed of single extruded terracotta tiles.

The tile’s double wall contains a “room of air” for maximizing insulation. The special corner notching or “kerf” on the top and bottom edges of the tile is used for fixing the tile to the wall’s substructure. Choose from three different color TerraFLAT tiles to create a ventilated wall.


The TerraFLAT tile measures 494 mm long, 40 mm thick and 244 mm high. Tiles weigh 46 kg/mq. For more specific information on size and technical aspects of this tile model, refer to the free 3D models available for download on this page.  

The extrusion molded tiles that make up the ventilated wall are guaranteed to be resistant to freeze and thaw as well as thermal shocks.

An exclusive immersion treatment process is used to make the tiles water resistant. This means that the tiled ventilated wall absorbs limited water and are easy to clean (even of graffiti).


Palagio has chosen to use terracotta tiles to create its ventilated walls thanks to the material’s optimal qualities for building. When natural clay is fired, it is transformed into terracotta, a hard durable material. Terracotta’s grainy texture, great color and impressive strength make it an ideal material for wall tiling.

Palagio has used the latest technology to develop innovative thin tiles in terracotta. The special metal substructure of the tiles allows a material that has been traditionally used on flat surfaces (floor tiling) to now be applied to vertical surfaces, such as ventilated walls.


The special finish that Palagio applies to its tiles allows for different colors, textures and shapes.
Download free 3D models for Revit in Architecture format, AutoCAD in DWG format and 3ds in Max format and all the other tools you need to design with this model of tile ventilated wall from the list of free downloads available here.




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