Palagio Engineering


Palagio Engineering as a society devoted to the production and enginering of terracotta ventilated walls. At the beginning of the seventies the production of terracotta extruded elements started at two important furnaces in the cotto Imprunetino area of tuscany. VivaTerra is the new name of the production of Terracotta Imprunetina. It inherited its experience and traditions from the historical Il Ferrone and outstanding Il Palagio.

The sector is in continuous expansion since the first projects realized at the beginning of the nineties. To our credit we have completed hundreds of projects in different climates both in the European community and the rest of the world. The results have always been much appreciated.


Ventilated walls

Terra BLADE ventilated wall

Palagio’s TerraBLADE ventilated wall is made up of single extruded tiles. The TerraBLADE ventilat...

Ventilated walls

Terra BRICK ventilated wall

Palagio’s TerraBRICK ventilated wall consists of double-walled brick tiles cast as one piece. ...

Ventilated walls

Terra D ventilated wall

Terra D is just a sample of the possibile product personalization.

Ventilated walls

Terra FLAT ventilated wall

Palagio’s TerraFLAT ventilated wall is composed of single extruded terracotta tiles.

Ventilated walls

Terra MODUS R ventilated wall

Terra MODUS R is a tile with a doublewall extruded in a single piece. Dueto the grooves on the su...

Ventilated walls

Terra MODUS ventilated wall

The TerraMODUS ventilated wall is composed of single extruded terracotta tiles featuring a double...

Ventilated walls

Terra ONE ventilated wall

The TerraONE ventilated wall tile was the result of collaboration between Palagio and the archite...

Ventilated walls

Terra OVAL ventilated wall

Palagio’s TerraOVAL ventilated wall tile has a tubular shape, specially designed for screenings a...

Ventilated walls

Terra PLUS ventilated wall

TerraPLUS is the result of lengthy studies realizing the creation of a tile with a double wall, e...

Ventilated walls

Terra TT ventilated wall

TT TILE is a tile with a double wall extruded in a single piece with a double “T” special shape. ...

Ventilated walls

Terra TUBE ventilated wall

TerraTUBE is an element realized for screenings and sunscreen. It is assembled using metal tubes ...