Wall recessed lamps,

wall recessed lamp for indoor lighting project made in italy

The Corner lamp is a modular lighting system designed for ceiling or walls.
The Corner lamp is a lamp characterised by the recessed positioning of the light source.
The installation of the Corner lamp on the ceiling or wall involves anchoring the lamp to the perimeter surfaces and the final insertion of the plasterboard panel flush with the extruded material: in this way an elegant concealed lighting effect is achieved.

This system is ideal for installation in the corners between ceiling and wall, producing a concealed light effect: the radiant positioning of the light source emphasises the finishes and continuous perimeter installations resulting in an elegant effect of suspended elements.

The Corner ceiling light is available in the following profiles:
L 510 mm - W 20"
W 1010 mm - W 39 4/5"
W 2010 mm - W 79 1/5"
W 3010 mm - W 118 3/5" 

While the LED module is available in the following sizes:
500 mm - 19 2/3" 8.6W 1140lm
125 mm - 5" 2.15W 285lm
5000 mm - 197" 21.6W/m 3020lm/m
5000 mm - 197" 17W/m 1920lm/m
5000 mm - 197" 10W/m 980lm/m

The bim models of the Corner recessed luminaire are available for download on this product page, together with 3D CAD dwg models. In the manufacturer's catalogue you will find all available lighting models for your architectural projects and also product data sheets with lighting details.

Need project assistance? Do not hesitate to contact Panzeri, the manufacturer directly via the contact form below.

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