Quality, tradition, innovation. These are values that form the foundations of Panzeri, a company that has produced and sold lighting Made in Italy to over 50 countries worldwide since 1947. The company's philosophy is summed up in the practise of costantly looking to the future while maintaining and respecting the past, its heritage of traditional craftsmanship with a history of over 65 years.

Panzeri lamps are made with care and attention to detail, designed to illuminate and decorate indoor and outdoor spaces offering multiple stylistic solutions, produced in Italy at an eco-compatible production plant almost entirely powered by solar energy.

Panzeri lamps are the ideal choice for professional looking for creative, functional and customizable lighting designs adapted for public ad private enviroments.

A choice dictated by the undoubtedly high quality of all our products. Careful raw material selection, our long tradition of highly-skilled craftmanship, the adoption of state of the arte technology, innovative LED technology solutions and uniquely Italian design: these are the keys to the succes of this company. These are the values we have belived in frome the begginning - the ideas of its founder Carlo Panzeri - which has made our compamny a reference point in the lighting industry.



Suspension lamps


Suspension lamp in extruded curved aluminium with opal polycarbonate screen and adjustable spots....

Suspension lamps


Suspension, table and wall lamp (also available recessed) with die-cast aluminium head. Diffuser ...

Wall recessed lamps


Bronx is a recessed aluminium profile, characterized by the recessed positioning of the light sou...

Wall recessed lamps


Modular LED system in white painted extruded aluminium (trimless), dividable, and fully recessed ...

Suspension lamps

Brooklyn Round

Suspension and ceiling/wall lamp in extruded curved aluminum with opal polycarbonate screen. Ligh...

Ceiling lamps


Carl is a family of lighting fittings to install in the ceiling with a recessed canopy, for versa...

Ceiling lamps


Lighting fitting that combines a pair of Carl adjustable projectors, to create multiple plays of ...

Wall recessed lamps


Modular LED system in extruded aluminum white painted, for wall or ceiling perimeter installation...

Suspension lamps


Suspension and ceiling lamp with microprismatic polycarbonate screen for controlled luminance. Ce...

Wall lamps


Gonio is a range of wall mount sconces that respond to the most elevated standards of visual comf...

Suspension lamps


A lighting fitting made of a combination of linear longitudinal elements, enabling to characteriz...

Wall lamps


Wall mount fitting for bedrooms with indirect diffused light and adjustable reading light, in war...

Wall recessed lamps


Small extruded aluminum profile recessed, with LED strip with opal white silicone sheath to order...

Ceiling lamps


Lola is synonym of versatility: one design, multiple applications, to offer personalized and flex...

Wall recessed lamps


Trimless modular LED system in extruded aluminum painted white for use in false ceiling.

Suspension lamps


Aluminum extruded suspension lamp in ø 22mm or ø 32mm diameter and respectively 850mm/650mm lengt...

Suspension lamps

Zero Round

Horizontal suspension lamp, wall and ceiling lamp in extruded curved aluminum, with opal polycarb...

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