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Wood coverings Alpikord 3D Models

The ALPI veneer is prefinished with state-of-the-art products and varnishes to bring out its natural beauty. The result is a large wood panel ready for application to any surface, permitting reduction of time devoted to installation, varnishing and finishing. The practicality of prefinished wood is joined by the properties of quality, uniqueness and customization, with the environmental certifications assigned to all ALPI veneers.

Usage sectors: surfaces for furnishings; surfaces and facings for interior architecture; hotels, multi-apartment and residential complexes, shops, retail outlets, offices, public spaces; surfaces and facings for the interiors of yachts and cruise ships; dashboard surfaces and interior finishing for the automotive sector.

ALPIkord veneers come in a range of finishes.
The four standard finishes combine and enhance different tactile and visual sensations:
GROOVE (5 gloss), achieved by brushing the wood to bring out texture and consistency, for an incredible tactile effect associated with a sensation of great natural character, similar to that of unfinished wood.
WAX (5 gloss), matte varnish gives the wood a delicate look typical of wax-based treatments and natural oils.
LIGHT GLOSS (15 gloss), enhanced by a delicate sheen, this elegant and refined solution offers the classical tone of the crafts tradition for the hand and the eye.
BRIGHT GLOSS (40 gloss), lustrous, illuminating finish.