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ALPIlignum" veneer /

ALPI veneer is the core and symbol of the ALPI universe, the highest expression of the R&D activities, and the perfect combination between technological innovation and fine craftsmanship. This product offers unlimited customization and aesthetic variety. It can be applied to any surface, and supplied in different thicknesses for different uses.
It is extremely versatile, ready to respond to any design needs in terms of function and looks.
By request, ALPI wood is available with FSC® certification, the most authoritative on an international level, guaranteeing the sustainability of the raw materials.
ALPI veneer also comes in the ALPIform version, bonded with non-woven fabric, thus combining the aesthetic virtues of wood with great flexibility made possible by the special fabric backing support, making the product ideal for soft-forming. ALPIform permits very narrow curvature radius and reduction of waste. It is easy to stain and varnish, making it ideal for the cladding of curved surfaces or the creation of wrapping edge banding.

Usage sectors: surfaces for furnishings; surfaces and facings for interior architecture; hotels, multi-apartment and residential complexes, shops, retail outlets, offices, public spaces; wood for floors, window and door frames, wall paneling, acoustic paneling; surfaces and facings for the interiors of yachts and cruise ships; dashboard surfaces and interior finishing for automobiles; objects.

ZeroF /

In line with the most rigorous international standards, ALPI woods can be made by request in the ZeroF version, without added formaldehyde, to obtain eco-responsible decorative surfaces without emissions of harmful volatile substances.
The company thus confirms its commitment to environmental sustainability. ALPI ZeroF veneer also contributes to qualification for LEED credits (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the standard that sets the requirements for construction of eco-sustainable buildings.