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Wood coverings AlpiRobur 3D Models

A particular finish is applied to the ALPI veneer to respond to the demand for high-strength surfaces. By request, it is also available in a flameproof version, in compliance with IMOMED, CLASSE 1 and CLASSE B-s1.d0 standards.

Usage sectors: surfaces for furnishings; surfaces and facings for interior architecture; hotels, multi-apartment and residential complexes, shops, retail outlets, offices, public spaces; surfaces and facings for the interiors of yachts and cruise ships; dashboard surfaces and interior finishing for the automotive sector.

ALPIrobur veneers come in a range of finishes:
Brushed, a three-dimensional, very materic finish with a brushed effect
Soft, a finish with a natural effect in terms of touch and image
Matt, an almost imperceptible matt finish
Pore, open-pore finish