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Terenzi Srl, TGroup - Technologies and Customized Products.

The Planium products are made by the parent company Terenzi S.r.l. that, thanks to a precious and long experience in the industrial transformation of metals and plastics, proposes itself as a center of expertise in design, co-design, engineering, prototyping, industrialization, production, assembly and writing of products.

Thanks to innovatine production technologies, the offer of integrated services and the coordination of a carefully selected supplier portfolio, Terenzi proposes productions of components or finishes, technical or design products, in series or custom made, using molds or combined cycle technologies. Evaluate technical, logistical, IT and economic aspects or each order to make the work flow more dynamic and optimize each production, respecting quality and sustainability. It renews and constantly updates its experience and its machinery, thus guaranteeing cutting-edge skills an technologies.

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