Olga Akulova

Olga Akulva DESIGN

Interior designer


Country : UA
City : Kiev
Postal code : 04107
Address : Buggovutovskaya str 4, of 92



Work area of architect in Kiev.

Apartment Z.

Apartment for rent.

Apartment H.B.

Apartment of 16ty level in Kiev.

Getmana str.

The apartment is in the new Kiev Sryskriper, is monochromic and functional. It was createed in 2013. The main idea of this interior was to open a space for free living and to avoid clo...

Basseynaya str.

This 2012 apartment design was created within a C19th house. It consist of guestroom with kitchen area, room for lunch, bathroom and bedroom with a fitted wardrobe. We used such materials...

With a dream about KENZO...

The client Svitlana,having seen the work of our OlgaAkulovaDESIGN team in interior magazines and at then her friends apartment,decided to create her own interior with the help of an archi...

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