With a dream about KENZO...

With a dream about KENZO...
The client Svitlana,having seen the work of our OlgaAkulovaDESIGN team in interior magazines and at then her friends apartment,decided to create her own interior with the help of an architect. The first work started in 2012. We remoulded non load bearing walls and created a new apartment space. We transformed the area into several zones separated by sliding doors (Rimadesio), a stone island (Modulnova) and unaltered,industrial concrete columns.The main idea for the interior was to be close to KENZO style home details. Svitlana is an admirer of this design. The natural texture of concrete columns,poured polymeric white flooring, wood decking on the balcony and kitchen ceiling are close to the KENZO style. We also created a European/Asian interior garden in this style. Through the glass walls Svitlana can observe the Dnieper River, Dnieper Hills and the green hills leading up to Andreevsky Church. The sofa area (B&B Italia) guest room orients to the garden view. A Poliform Marble table is located behind the sofa. We decided to use it as a console and a working desk but rarely as a family dinner table. The wall of metal shelves and the two person truffle breakfast table with metal legs were designed by Olga Akulova. Sitting in front of the truffle table you can observe the street view and a green wall on your right. The green wall at the end of a hall is a barrier between guest rooms and a guest toilet. This natural wall garden is reflected in a wall mirror and so creates the never ending entrance. The typical Olga Akulova DESIGN planning creates an apartment which can transform. In this interior we have two entrances to the bedroom and two to the guest room. We can walk around this apartment avoiding the entrance hall or we can separate the public area (kitchen/guest room/guest toilet ) from Svitlana's private area (bedroom/bathroom/wardrobe area)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - 19:10

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