30 November 2018

Concrete and steel are the protagonists of the skeleton of new Biomuseum of Panama designed by Frank O. Gehry. It is an eclectic, asymmetrical, projecting and convoluted structure with canopies that overlap to form a collage of shapes and colors that catch the eye.

Biomuseum Frank Gehry

The building consists of three main elements: Museum, Design Gallery and Park. The structure is based on thick concrete “trees” that hold various metal clad similar to canopies in a series of curved and bent geometries.

Biomuseum Frank Gehry

"The bridge of life" is the Museum’s name, conceived in order to teach and disseminate the importance of biodiversity. An irregular shape that looks like a representation of the natural forces that shape our world.

Biomuseum Frank Gehry

Structural elements also become education points that describe the impact of mankind on the Panamanian ecosystem. Panama is not only one of the places with more biological diversity in the world, but it is also home of some of the most studied ecosystems.

Biomuseum Frank Gehry

www.biomuseopanama.org   www.foga.com

Marco Mignatti

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