15 February 2019

An asymmetrical wood volume. A building with irregular profiles, made up of several panels that characterize the facades. This is the new home of Perathoner, a company that manufactures wood sculptors, in the heart of the Dolomites. And right here, in an area that preserves nature and that makes local traditions an excellence, the Bergmeister Wolf Architekten architecture firm has designed a building in harmony with the context and the nature of the place.

nuova sede della Perathoner, Bergmeisterwolf Architekten

Despite being an architecture that fits quite strongly in the landscape thanks to the asymmetrical profile, the new Perathoner headquarters fully respects the values of the place and reflects the company's activities. From the outside, the building looks like a large sculpture, and the different shades of color dictated by wood recall the different stages that characterize the processes of artistic production and craftsmanship.

nuova sede della Perathoner, Bergmeisterwolf Architekten

The structure is made of wood, consisting of stacked triangular panels. Instead, the cover is constructed from larch shingles treated with different types of aging, treatments that cause the color to change. In this game, made of panels, there are some openings from which natural light filters. And right here, at night, artificial light is diffused with a strong visual effect.

nuova sede della Perathoner, Bergmeisterwolf Architekten

The materials that complement the architecture are steel and glass.   www.bergmeisterwolf.it

Edoardo Croci