Shift housing

Shift housing

28 October 2018

The AquiliAlberg architecture studio has finished a new residential project in Cremona. The typology is that of tract housing, but it has been manipulated and reinterpreted by the Milan-based studio to respond to the characteristics of the site and the context, a nature park on the Serio River. The project is located on an area of about 1000 sq meters and contains six apartments with two above-ground levels. The first level is raised to guarantee privacy and to provide better views of the beautiful natural setting. The design idea took form as a result of careful study of the residential typology and the general quality of space, orientation and relation to the surroundings. The fundamental goal of the research – to establish a dialogue between architecture and landscape – implies a combination of artificial and natural elements to achieve high levels of habitat quality. Large private external loggias add otherwise precluded space to the units, while at the same time enhancing the indoor-outdoor relationship, taking maximum advantage of the splendid views of the nature park.

Carlo Bardelli

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