Venice, April 22, 2021. At the 17th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice, Grosso Legnoarchitettura supports a work in the America Pavilion of the 2021 Biennale that explores the typical wooden construction system of American buildings. The Italian company, which has been a specialist in woodworking since 1968, was chosen by the architects and curators of the exhibition Paul Preissner and Paul Andersen for its expertise and experience in the creation of special custom-made wooden constructions. "A perfect synthesis of the company's values ​​- explains Stefano Grosso, CEO of Grosso Legnoarchitettura - which are summarized in our constant support for the passion for wood, for special constructions, creativity and research in absolute quality and taste. . We are honored to be able to contribute to the realization of this architectural work and to be able to bring to the field our skills and the Italian construction technology that allowed the construction site to proceed quickly, orderly and precisely thanks to the executive design and the pre-cutting performed at our factories ". Paul Preissner and Paul Andersen are the two architects who, after winning the open call for the pavilion with this idea, oversaw the project and commissioned the various builders, including Grosso Legnoarchitettura, to create the architectural work. In designing the USA pavilion, the two wanted to give wood the leading role. Visitors will enter the exhibition space through an installation that reproduces the structure of the wood frame house. With a development of three floors, leaning against the facade of the pavilion, the work in turn serves as an exhibition space. Inside, visitors will be able to move between the different levels, observing the rough skeleton, touching the lamellar beams and breathing in the smell of wood. "In the realization of this work - says Stefano Grosso - the curators of the exhibition wanted to give importance, in great style, to a construction method that has always been known in America and that in Europe has only recently developed thanks to the passion that we Italian builders of wooden houses and structures have always had: determination and entrepreneurial vision have pushed us over the years to adapt to the evolution of modern construction, grow, renew ourselves and make sure that wood becomes an increasingly appreciated and used material in construction ".

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