Finally available to the public, on Amazon, the Kids Design Manifesto, the first international manifesto - presented in Italian, English, and Chinese - for all those who are really interested in the kids' world innovation.

The Manifesto, first and unique of its kind, is the result of a long and intense research work coordinated by CILAB - Creative Industries LAB within Politecnico di Milano, Design Department, since 2015, with contributions by Francesco Schianchi, Luca Fois, Arianna Vignati e Francesco Zurlo and the patronage of ASSOGIOCATTOLI.

The Kids Design Manifesto intends to be the cultural foundation of an international movement we called KIDNASCIMENTO (kid renaissance): a research and design approach that places the Kid at the center, as a person with his rights, as written in the Declaration of the Rights of the Child drafted by the League of Nations in 1923.

Design, as a multidisciplinary profession, is the most appropriate project culture and method to deal with "products and services" for kids.

Kids' products and services are, by nature, “systemic” as they convey emotional, cognitive, relational functions, other than their function use.

So, a toy is not just a medium of entertainment, but, as an Assogiocattoli's payoff claims, it is "food for the mind".

Especially in the first 1000 days of a kids' life, including the months of gestation, each sensorial experience contributes to the construction of the first and fundamental neural patterns which will determine their grown-up character.

Hence the strategic importance of the "Kids Design", to grow up conscious and independent kids, characteristics of freedom.


The Network of The Manifesto’s Ambassadors

The Ambassadors are all those who, after reading and sharing the values of the Manifesto, want to enter its network and participate in the research and the discourse of the Kids Design, organizing meetings, activities, and workshops to broaden and empower the Kidnascimento movement and to positively inform and push professionals, companies and institutions towards the most strategic social sector, the kids' one.


For those interested in becoming part of the network, contact [email protected].

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