Choosing concrete as material for a luxury residence. The young Mexican architect Abraham Cherem (Cherem Arquitectos) recently completed the project of a residence on the outskirts of Mexico City, built for a well-known local football player. Cherem Arquitectos, House P, Bosque Real, Huixquilucan, MessicoThe project is based on the study of the views of the house and the movement of the light on the inside. The architect has two overlapped blocks of concrete, creating a complex set of rectangles and curved walls. The goal is to minimize the outskirts views of the metropolis, by focusing our gaze on the large patio. Cherem Arquitectos, House P, Bosque Real, Huixquilucan, MessicoThe 44 cm thick walls alternate with smooth walls in corrugated surfaces. Inside, the walls are conceived as concrete curtains, regulating spaces and the entry of light at different times of day. Cherem Arquitectos, House P, Messico, pianta del piano terraAbraham CheremThe use of concrete is inspired by the work of Brazilian architects Lina Bo Bardi and Oscar Niemayer

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