Polli-Bricks: recycled plastic

04 October 2018

The creative minds at miniWIZ recently debuted the Polli-Brick, a recycled polymer bottle that can be interlocked to build an incredible array of structures. Made from recycled PET bottles, the lightweight bricks offer excellent acoustic and thermal insulation and can build anything from fences and roofs to pots for plants, skylights and beautiful walls of light.

Anyone who has taken a trip to the United States’ southwest desert has likely seen early examples of recycled-bottle architecture. From miner’s shacks to elaborate residences, these practical and ingenious structures helped early frontiersmen and women settle The West. Now miniWIZ, the creative team that brought us the HY-mini, miniNOTE and SOLARBULD, have taken the idea and transformed it into a fantastic new technology.
polli brick
Polli-Bricks possess incredible thermal and sound insulating characteristics in addition to an awesome strength to weight ratio, which should make them a hit with architects and builders alike. While you can’t yet get these at your local building supply mega-store, the economy, versatility and structural potential of the Polli-Brick may just be what a struggling building market needs.
We love the simple beauty of the Polli-Bricks and are happy to report that it has been chosen for inclusion in the Far Eastern Group Fashion Pavillion in the
Taipei International Exposition in 2010. The Fashion Pavillion will showcase the ingenious Polli-Brick curtain wall system, an interlocking honeycomb wall that lights up with a brilliant display of solar-powered LED’s. (Fabiana Cambiaso Università La Sapienza) www.miniwiz.com  

Marco Mignatti