15 November 2018

Pottery, Corian, Cristalplant or Cristalite: which one is the best one? Barbara del Curto gives an answer in an interview with designrepubblica.it. Choosing between ceramic and new materials is difficult. She explains: "They are both versatile, suitable for kitchen, bathroom and furnishings". And you can find unexpected innovation: "Pottery has a long history, but today with the help of technology it can be worked into an infinite number of textures, colors and thicknesses. It can also be combined with other materials and find application in public works, walls etc.". But what is the difference between them? They are all resistant to heat, scratches, shocks, stains. And they are inert, hygienic, easy to clean and maintain. "But the new materials have some advantages: they are less cold to the touch, they are made with thermoformable moulds, so they are more easily mouldable and they are resettable: if it becomes dirty, using sandpaper is enough. And if the top is broken, it can be repaired invisibly".

Marco Mignatti

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