05 April 2019

Those living in temperate bands of our land, especially in Europe but also in Canada and in the United States, knows how difficult it is to deal with the increasingly extreme and sudden changes in temperature. Often, in fact, severe weather events and disturbances cause significant excursions between the low and high temperatures. In these situations, keeping a high level of comfort at home and at work inside buildings may not be easy.

Marco Mignatti

To ensure good living and working conditions, without resorting to massively expensive and polluting air conditioning systems, it is necessary to have a good thermal insulation system with the right envelope thermal inertia. In this way it is possible to enjoy a very good thermal and acoustic insulation, with the resulting benefits. To obtain optimum results in every type of intervention, Isopan – a company specialized in the field of insulated panels for roofing and wall – achieved Isocappotto coating systems. It is not a traditional coat, but a evolved double skin metal panel faced sandwich, covered with different materials to obtain the same aesthetic of the plastered walls. The ISOCAPPOTTO system can be defined as a kind of faux flashing, as it differs from the classical system of traditional walls for the presence of a double skin metal faced sandwich covered with different materials. In this way you can hide the presence of sandwich panel, imitating the aesthetic of classic plastered walls.

ISOCAPPOTTO is a system that can be applied to any type of intervention, from the construction of new buildings or industrial production sectors (Office buildings, factories, warehouses) as well as residential buildings such as houses or condominiums. The system also represents a valuable solution in case of renovations or improvements of existing buildings.

Isocappotto can have two types of insulation: mineral wool or polyurethane. Polyurethane isolation allows a series of advantages such as: high heat resistance, mechanical stability, speed, stability, lightness and flexibility. The benefits of mineral wool insulation can be summarized in: high thermal insulation, good fire behaviour, high sound insulation, flexibility, dimensional stability and mechanical.

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