31st October 2019

From September 20th to October 4th 2019, LB opened its headquarters to an event focused on circular economy and on the exhibition of the results of the R&D activities on new technologies as well as on finished product. The new collections of technical porcelain gres, available in different shapes, from the 10x10 sample to the large 3200x1600 mm slab, have been exhibited in settings designed by Arch. Marta Meda, that interested parties can still visit by appointment as part of the permanent LB installation.

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The technologica-emotional path celebrate the technological quality of the company, which is today a world leader in the ceramic industry.

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The Wood of Opportunities, An overview of the many application opportunities offered by the LB products, as a demonstration of their high adaptability to different aesthetical and technical needs.


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Interior Stories, A journey through five domestic spaces in which the LB material is used for floors, vertical coatings and unique pieces of furniture

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LB Materialboard, A selection of LB products available for
designers and creatives.


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The Living Room, A comfortable area where discuss, share and deepen topics related to the LB world.


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An accurate reproduction of a kitchen and living room together with a pairing proposal between the most trendy LB materials, used for floors, vertical coatings and kitchen top.


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The Urban Landscape, A focus on the latest LB product, the innovative green sampietrino born from the collaboration between LB Group and Saxa Gres.
































Thanks to Corrado Ravazzini for all the photographs.
Thanks to Bosa, Busnelli, Egizia, Giulio Marelli, Living Divani, Lumicom, Moma Design, Quadro Design, Re-wood, Tubes, Very Wood for furniture and accessories.
More info: www.lb-technology.it/


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