Many times metal has been the protagonist in the history of art and architecture for the contribution it provides in external devices. Today, however, metal is present more and more frequently in interior design. Furnishing with metal means spreading a sense of minimalism, of design reduced to the essential, which also gives a perception of rigor to the whole. Metal is eternal, its maintenance is minimal and - very important - can be recycled.



Depending on the treatment that Planium reserves for it, metal can have a different brightness and materiality, with a direct effect obviously on the aesthetics ... the brushed metal, for example, has a more shiny character than the satin which, however, is more sophisticated to the touch and sight because it alternates light and dark, shadow and light. And this can also be true for steel, be it stainless steel or oxidized, for the iridescent copper and for its alloys obtained with tin or zinc, that is the "gilded" bronze and brass ...

Installing with Planium is a matter of speed, but also of reversibility: with dry laying, alternatives to traditional models, the brand invests in environmental sustainability, avoiding the use of glues and silicones. In different ways, the following are proposed: the support laying of AP01 Lay Floor - the fastest ever - the one-click laying of PL01 Invisible, the "mechanics" of SM02 Evolution with visible angular screws or finally the always practical and magnetic MG01 Magnetic Floor.

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