From a chromatic point of view, Stainless Concrete echoes Cement and for this reason, despite being a Steel, it has taken this name. Ash Gray, Khaki, Shell, Platinum: the shades of gray - the color of Steel as well as Zinc and Aluminum- generate an elegant but different coldness from that of Stainless Steel, because they are less monochordic and with different accents. This original effect, ideal for industrial environments, is obtained with electrolysis processes. If laid on the floor it will give the surfaces reflections of shine and shadow and create unusual plays of chiaroscuro.

Texture Stainless Concrete

For a quick and dry installation according to the technological systems designed by Planium - and among the fastest to adopt- is the magnetic one MG01, which uses the principle by which the metal core contained in the textures magnetically binds to the subtle substrate of which the System is equipped with. Other possible dry systems - easy to remove and to apply because without glues- are AP01 Lay (the fastest), PL01-one click with pressure hooking between tiles and SM02 Evolution, a mechanical system with fixing screw between slab and slab.

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