Between August and September of the past year, 2020, in the city of Piacenza Planium realized the idea of ​​creating a shop of beauty products using the properties and potential of Calamine, an oxide born from the hot rolling of the steel it owns. enviable chromatic shades. Air Force Blue, Anthracite Gray, even Magenta Red are among its colors, with a very dark overall predominance that gives a "nocturnal" connotation to the whole. Architect Micaela Pisaroni is responsible for the architectural project; it is a total of 40 m² at 142, Corso Vittorio Emanuele.
"The project stems from the desire to transform the small architectural volume" - writes Arch. Micaela Pisaroni - “with an essential and rigorous shape, in an elegant container in which the leitmotiv of black&white contaminates all the architectural and furnishing elements, specially designed for N@T. The use of natural materials - metal, wood, lava stone and glass - links the various elements, with a game of references to the theme of essentiality and simplicity, which, quoting Coco Chanel, is always synonymous with elegance."
The Calamine slabs are 300x1200x2 mm in size; after being laid, the Calamine has been waxed: this allows the flooring to be more durable and resistant even to any external atmospheric phenomena, therefore a strong tendency to preservation, and on an aesthetic level this treatment gives the color more strength and more shine. The scenic effect is therefore captivating as a whole.

Planium for N@T Natural Touch


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