Lualdi is an historic Italian design company operating in the field of interior doors, bespoke furniture and contract, founded in 1859 as an artisan joinery and currently managed by the fourth generation of the family. The move to industrial production began in the sixties thanks to the close symbiosis that had been established with the architect Luigi Caccia Dominioni. Today, the company works with the world's most important architects, has showrooms in Milan, New York and Miami, and its leadership is recognized the world over. The quality of the product and the production processes are long-held values of the company, a manufacturing operation requiring specialized knowledge that combines the quality of traditional craftsmanship with the most advanced industrial production methods. Corporate social responsibility is one of the cornerstones of its philosophy and its daily commitment to environmental protection. The socially and ecologically sustainable use of materials and resources has allowed the company to become FSC® certified.



American collection - Avenue door

The Avenue door is one of three doors included in Lualdi’s American collection, designed by Rober...


Avenue Boiserie

Avenue, by Robert A. M. Stern, presents a new reading of the Anglo-Saxon taste for a more classic...



A modern re-working of an historical tradition, the large wooden panelled surfaces of the boiseri...


Compass 55 door

Lualdi’s Compass 55 door has clean, smooth lines.


Drive sliding door

Lualdi’s Drive door, at first glance, appears to be an exquisite surface perfectly aligned with t...



Edges is the new collection of doors designed by Marco Piva for Lualdi, born from a desire to giv...


Edge Boiserie

Inspired by the tradition of the boiserie, Edge by Marco Piva interprets the door as a flexible a...


Filo 55 door

Lualdi’s Filo 55 door features a door frame perfectly flush with the wall for an absolutely seaml...


Italian door Rasomuro 55n

Lualdi’s Rasomuro 55n door is the updated version of the classic and popular Rasomuro 41 door. ...


Italian door Rasomuro 55s

This is the natural evolution of the celebrated model Rasomuro, borrowing and embellishing the te...


Italian door Rasotouch

Rasotouch is the most invisible model of the family, specifically created to disappear completely...


Italian door San Siro

Designed by Luigi Caccia Dominioni Lualdi’s San Siro door is a modern reinterpretation of the cl...



Koan, designed by Kokai Studio, combines the radiance of glass and metal finishes with the warmth...



Designed by Piero Lissoni, L41 is distinguished by a thin metal jamb which enhances the light pro...


L7 - L7 large

The lightness of aluminium, the luminosity of glass, the design of Piero Lissoni, the background ...


L7 sistema scorrevole

Sliding system with fix and sliding panel, with aluminum frame 41 mm thick. Panel with tempered g...


LCD62 door

Lualdi’s LCD62 door is the company’s historic basic model of door.


Outline door

Lualdi’s Outline door literally emerges from the wall. The door goes against the trend of doors ...


Rasoline 55s

Perfected integrated with the wall and the surrounding architecture, Rasoline55s marks the transi...



Inspired by the light and extensive mobile surfaces of the traditional Japanese house, Shoin is a...


Shoin Sliding door

Lualdi’s Shoin door draws its inspiration from the light and dynamic surfaces that can be found i...


Sliding 50

The Sliding 50 partition system is both ductile and versatile and formed of 50 mm thick sliding p...


Sliding Pocket

For a more fluid space, the sliding pocket door with the minimalist recessed handle connects the ...


Super door

Design by Luigi Caccia Dominioni Lualdi’s Super door is another example of one of the company’s ...


Wall & Door

Lualdi’s innovative Wall&Door is a door system made up of modular panels and doors.

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