Lights on Made in Italy: Planium for the new SIMES S.p.A. Showroom

Lights on Made in Italy: Planium for the new SIMES S.p.A. Showroom


In Cortefranca (Brescia) the SIMES S.p.A. company, a historic protagonist of Italian Lighting Design since 1973, has renewed the flooring in collaboration with PLANIUM, with which it had already worked several years ago. This synergy provides, as and more than then, the technological use of laser cutting allowing, in the final result, the repositioning of each individual tile. The redeveloped space for this project is important in the company itself, as it is a large room dedicated to training sessions, a showroom that exhibits the most recent modernizations designed.

SIMES is a dynamic company that produces outdoor lighting fixtures, designs optimal solutions for the lighting of architectures in the name of efficient visual comfort.

PLANIUM has been dedicated for some time to the study and practical and design application of laying systems for floors and walls: innovative dry, fast and ideal for temporary and exhibition stand flooring, or traditional glue-based.

The showroom dedicated to renovation is the beating heart of the activities involving architects, planners, lighting designers, installers. For this reason, a new intervention was thought for the premises, which involved the PLANIUM brand and its metal surfaces. The floors were the key to the restyling process: 1,200 raised modules with Calamine steel finish. The dense tones of this metal dampen the excessive glare that could result and the irregular texture flows through the space in a fluid way, accentuating its breadth. The focus was therefore on both color contrast and "accompaniment".

One of the most important technical aspects was the possibility of maintaining the support structure of the existing raised floor and of giving new impetus to the surfaces with overlapping 3mm Calamine slabs, through a custom structural gluing process, to galvanized iron tiles and lightened concrete in the same format. These further processes are all easily obtainable in our factory, thanks to high-tech laser cutting lines, CO² and fiber, with a cutting power of 2,000Watt and a working range of 1,500x3,000mm.