N@T, Natural Touch – A Planium project discovering naturalness

N@T, Natural Touch – A Planium project discovering naturalness

In the design of living spaces, attention is increasingly focused on the Green Building, or rather on building with full respect for the environment.
Between August and September 2020 Planium is the protagonist in Piacenza of a project entirely aimed at naturalness and well-being. Beauty and ecology are revealed here in a shop that takes the name of N @ T Natural Touch, born from the ideas of Arch. Micaela Pisaroni. It is a space of about 40 m² in Corso Vittorio Emanuele 142.
In this charming location, the soothing tones of Blue and Gray prevail, helping to maintain an atmosphere of relaxation. The context is also, let us not forget, reserved for work, whose efficiency cannot be separated from its appearance.
The constructive choices of architecture and interior design aim to satisfy a need and that is to give the human being a place in which to work, educate, design and welcome in the best conditions of comfort since they have a direct influence, especially for a long time. term.
"The project stems from the desire to transform the small architectural volume" - writes Arch. Micaela Pisaroni, manager - “with an essential and rigorous shape, in a refined container where the leitmotif of black & white contaminates all the architectural and furnishing elements, specially designed for N @ T. The use of natural materials - metal, wood, lava stone and glass - binds the various materials, with a play of references to the theme of essentiality and simplicity, which, quoting Coco Chanel, is always synonymous with elegance. ".
Of course, for Planium aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand.
Calamine metal was designed for the project, with its original effect full of surprises: it is in fact a shady, unique texture originating from the hot rolling of steel, which has interesting surface streaks. Starting from anthracite, passing through the leaden blues, we arrive at more golden tones, to finally find the warm flames of copper.
Planium laid this incredible finish with a totally dry system, that is, without the use of adhesives. MG01 Magnetic Floor has a unique hook: thanks to the magnetic connection, it can cover existing areas immediately, without having to remove and dispose of them - an ecological choice with a sure economic saving.
On the wall, on the other hand, the metal in 300x1200x2 mm slabs was fixed with the AC01 Stick-on system. After being installed, the Calamine is waxed: this allows the flooring to be more durable and resistant to transit and any external atmospheric phenomena. This treatment gives the color more strength and more shine and the result is really intense and deep.

Planium Calamine


Thursday, October 7, 2021 - 14:15

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