MVLC13, Mänttä, Finland


We realized with historical research that the island was always important since the early age of the existing building . On the island was used to play host to the important guests and also was the original place of the sauna. In historical images you can still see way going from the house to the island. The trees left and right built this image of an promenade and the bridge at the end connected the island to the land. After finding out this information was clear to us that we wanted to reinterpret this connection and respectfully decided to re-create a bridge and bring our “guests”(visitors) to the island. The visitors will metaphorical retrace the original path to the island. This time with more elements to reinterpret the original ones. The promenade will be again here, but this time the trees will be replaced trough a white metal framework on the left and the right and the bridge will be the building itself. The promenade this time will be much more sophisticated and exciting for our “guests” crossing a “bridge” in which every corner will offer a surprise with different point of view as well an inside connection bridge and will take the visitors to the exhibitions room trough an artificial promenade with continuous view to the nature outside. After being walking through exciting architectural spaces and an art exhibition the gusts will finally reach the restaurant on the island. A big window will allow a beautiful sight of the lake in winter and the suspended terrace will be the highlight in summer time, creating an amazing space surrounded by trees, reaching an higher lever to achieve breathtaking point of view.