Acoustic panels,
Phonotamburato. The Material


The Phonotamburato® is a sound-absorbing panel that, thanks to its properties, allows the absorption of noise and the thermal insulation of the rooms.

Phonotamburato® is used to create panels, countertops, cabinet doors, decorative elements and dividers:

• Internal noise absorption and thermal insulation material

• Structural frame for the application of any type of hardware and the possibility of giving curved contours to the panel

• Micro-perforated surface finish in MDF or aluminum.



Panel technical information:

Min-max thickness: 25 mm - 50 mm

Dimension width min - max: 30 mm - 1300 mm

Dimension length min - max: 30 mm - 2500 mm

Mass of the panel per square meter: 9.2 kg / m2 *

Hole diameter: 1.2 mm - 2 mm - 3 mm

NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) ASTM C423 - 09a: 0.75 *

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