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Phonotamburato® is a sound-absorbing and sound-insulating panel that allows sound absorption and sound insulation of rooms, ensuring acoustic comfort for a healthy environment.

Phonotamburato®, manufactured by Floema, is an acoustic material with sound-absorbing and sound-insulating characteristics, which can be used to create panels suitable for the construction of sound-absorbing module ceilings or sound-insulating suspended panel ceilings, acoustic partition walls, cupboard doors, mobile and manoeuvrable doors, acoustic sliding hinged doors, and decorative elements and objects.

Areas of application for the Phonotamburato® acoustic panel include hotels, restaurants, gyms, shops, theatres, places of worship, auditoriums, concert halls, music schools, or the private home theatre and all environments requiring acoustic well-being.
Floema's sound-absorbing and sound-insulating panels are also perfect for soundproofing workplaces, with partition screens for desks and panelling that can be applied to sliding doors, false ceilings and partition walls.

Thanks to the many finishes available, the sound-absorbing and sound-insulating panels can also cater for environments with sophisticated design and architectural requirements through customised solutions.

The Phonotamburato acoustic panel consists of three elements:
- Sound-absorbing and sound-insulating material: for use in interior rooms for noise absorption and sound insulation.
- Wooden structural frame: for the application of any type of hardware and the possibility of giving curved contours to the panel
- Surface coating of the micro-perforated acoustic panel in MDF or aluminium.



Surface finishes of acoustic panels

Phonotamburato sound-absorbing and sound-insulating panels are available in different surface finishes:
- Painted: matt or glossy paint, ral colours
- Wood, veneer
- Laminate: with different colours and textures
- Melamine/pvc paper

Phonotamburato® acoustic panels are produced in a wide range of surface decorations or prepared for wallpaper application. You can view the catalogue with the finishes of the acoustic panels or download the textures of the acoustic panels at the bottom of this page, to include them in your architectural and interior design project.

Technical information on the acoustic panel

Min-max thickness: 25 mm - 50 mm
Dimension width min - max: 30 mm - 1300 mm
Dimension length min - max: 30 mm - 2500 mm
Panel mass per sqm: 9.2 kg/m2* (values referred to a 600x600 mm side ceiling panel, thickness 35 mm, hole 3mm and hole pattern p8)
Hole diameter: 1.2 mm - 2 mm - 3 mm
NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) ASTM C423 - 09a: 0.75* (values referred to a 600x600 mm side ceiling panel, thickness 35 mm, hole 3 mm and hole pattern p8)

Acoustic panel microperforations

Different micro-hole patterns are available: P8, P16, P16 S . You can view the acoustic perforation pattern in the Phonotamburato catalogue and in the acoustic acoustic panel textures, which can be downloaded at the bottom of this product page.
Thanks to the acoustic panel's microperforations, sound waves pass through the surface of the panel reaching a sound absorption level of up to 95% with double-sided microperforations; the Phonotamburato® panel also allows for noise containment with a reduction of up to 53 dB.

Below you will find all the materials you need to realise an architectural project using Floema's Phonotamburato® acoustic panel. Available for free download are the bim models of the acoustic panels for revit in rvt format and also ifc, 3d models of the acoustic panels in dwg, dxf and fbx format. As far as textures are concerned, you can download free 3d textures of acoustic panels for 3ds max compatible with the main design software, available with the different micro-perforations of sound absorbing panels.

Finally, you will find Floema catalogues and technical information on Phonotamburato, together with brochures on acoustic absorber panels, available for download.

For any information or technical assistance with the use of design materials, please do not hesitate to contact the company directly using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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