Floema provides furnishing solutions for any large or small customer, accrediting itself as the ideal partner for its ability to also provide tailor-made answers, combining the experience gained in over 50 years of activity with the innovative drive that the new energies are putting in the field.

The excellence of craftsmanship and the all-Italian tradition combine innovation in the field of furniture.

"Floema is the energy that flows inside as a lifeblood, it is our energy, the essence of each of us who not only wants to be part of this earth, but also to be its guardian." Floema interprets its essence, conscious, natural unique, we have entered the DNA of wood to grasp its essence, its vital energy. "

For more informations contact us:

Telephone: +39.0722.720020

Email: [email protected]


Acoustic panels

Phonotamburato for Doors

Doors are undoubtedly an indispensable element in any environment. They are functional in dividin...

Acoustic panels

Phonotamburato for False Ceiling

For the qualities of the internal sound-absorbing and heat-insulating material and to the possibi...

Acoustic panels

Phonotamburato for Panels

To make an environment acoustically comfortable, it is possible to create multiple original and c...

Acoustic panels

Phonotamburato for Partition walls

With the possibility of double-sided micro-drilling, which allows to obtain a coefficient of aver...

Acoustic panels

Phonotamburato for Wardrobes

Phonotamburato® offers solutions for wardrobes, bookcases and walk-in wardrobes with a modern des...

Acoustic panels

Phonotamburato. The Material

The Phonotamburato® is a sound-absorbing panel that, thanks to its properties, allows the absorpt...

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