The Group includes two consolidated brands that, for a long time, successfully focused on the Home Décor sector, combining tradition and innovation, together with an distinctive all-Italian style: Cinova and Floema Panels, company that develops, manufactures and sells high performance soundproofing acoustic panels, specifically thought for any environment and which contributes to achieve a greater acoustic comfort and a better sound quality.

On top of this, Floema Group is composed by an excellent labour force “Made in Italy”, which is always synonym of quality, materials and care of the details.

After 3 years of research and development in Italy, FLOEMA PANELS developed the Phonotamburato® technology. The Phonotamburato® is a sound-absorbing panel that, thanks to its properties, allows the sound absorption (reducing reverbs inside a given environment) and isolation (limiting other sounds to come into and go out from a specific room). Furthermore, this material is also waterproofing, fireproofing and thermal insulator.

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Acoustic panels

Acoustic Doors

Phonotamburato® doors measured by the Noise Reduction Coefficient, the distinctive elements ensur...

Acoustic panels

Phonotamburato for Doors

Doors are undoubtedly an indispensable element in any environment. They are functional in dividin...

Acoustic panels

Phonotamburato for False Ceiling

For the qualities of the internal sound-absorbing and heat-insulating material and to the possibi...

Acoustic panels

Phonotamburato for Panels

To make an environment acoustically comfortable, it is possible to create multiple original and c...

Acoustic panels

Phonotamburato for Partition walls

With the possibility of double-sided micro-drilling, which allows to obtain a coefficient of aver...

Acoustic panels

Phonotamburato. The Material

The Phonotamburato® is a sound-absorbing panel that, thanks to its properties, allows the absorpt...

Acoustic panels

Standard Doors and Panels

Our wood fiber panels are developed using materials of first quality available on the market. ...

Acoustic panels

Tailor-made products

Floema respects technical and aesthetic needs of each client: precious materials combined with ha...

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