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Phonotamburato for Panels

Download 3D Model and Bim Object Phonotamburato Floema

Ceiling-hung, sound-insulating and sound-absorbing acoustic panels.

Phonotamburato® is the acoustic panel made by Floema that, thanks to its surface microperforations, absorbs sound up to 95% and reduces noise by up to 53 dB. It can be used for the construction of acoustic suspended ceiling panels.

Phonotamburato® suspended ceiling panels are an alternative to acoustic ceiling panels and the ideal solution for making an acoustically sound and comfortable environment because they lend themselves to the creation of many original and creative configurations, ideal for sound abatement in public spaces, shops and hotels.

Suspended acoustic panels are a type of application that can be adapted to different environments: particularly suitable for interiors with high ceilings, the Phonotamburato® suspended acoustic panel allows for effective sound modulation without sacrificing aesthetic impact.

Finishes and fields of application for the suspended acoustic ceiling panel

Suspended ceilings can be enhanced with Phonotamburato insulation panels, which are available in a wide range of surface finishes. The suspended acoustic insulation panels can be painted, in wood, laminate, or with a melamine-pvc surface, and have different colours available to allow designers to choose attractive solutions for any type of environment requiring acoustic comfort and auditory well-being, even for sophisticated architecture. The simplicity of installation makes this product perfect for soundproofing in shops, tasteful premises and hotels.

If you are creating an interior project where acoustic comfort is required, you will find on this page the free bim suspended ceiling acoustic panel objects for autodesk revit native in rvt, ifc and rfa format and the bim libraries of Phonotamburato® for acoustic panels in adsklib format.

Also download free 3d suspended acoustic panel models compatible for the main design software, which you will find in dwg, dxf, fbx format.

In the 3d textures of the suspended acoustic panels available for download you will find the different textures of the surface microperforations proposed by Floema.

To discover all the available solutions and the fields of application of the product, finally, you will find the technical data sheet and also Floema's catalogues and brochures of the Phonotamburato acoustic panels.

Find out more about Phonotamburato® acoustic material by contacting Floema directly using the form below.

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