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Acoustic cladding panel for partition walls, ideal for acoustic comfort for example in workplaces.


Phonotamburato® is an acoustic panel with technical characteristics of sound insulation and sound absorption made by Floema.
The acoustic panel can be produced in a wide range of surface decorations or prepared for wallpaper application:
- Painted: matte or gloss paint, ral coloring
- Wood, veneer
- Laminate: with different available colors and textures
- Melamine/pvc paper

Endless aesthetic variations of the product make this sound-insulating and sound-absorbing panel ideal for integrating with any architectural style, even in more architecturally sophisticated environments.

Phonotamburato® acoustic panels are extremely versatile in terms of applications. With this sound-insulating and sound-absorbing material it is possible to make acoustic partitions, cabinet doors, movable and operable doors, sound-absorbing ceilings, acoustic sliding hinged doors, and decorative elements and objects.


Phonotamburato® is the ideal sound-absorbing panel for acoustic well-being in working environments due to its comprehensive program of elements: it can be applied to sound-absorbing partitions and can be integrated into the project with acoustic partition screens for desks and panelling applicable to acoustic sliding doors, suspended ceilings.

The Phonotamburato® panel is available with different types of surface microperforations, which can be viewed or selected either in Floema's catalog or in the 3d texures of the Phonotamburato® acoustic panels, available for download at the bottom of this page.

With the possibility of double-sided microperforation, it allows for an average sound absorption coefficient of up to 95 percent, with a noise reduction of up to 53 dB.

Phonotamburato® panels enable acoustic comfort that is fundamental to well-being in the workplaces of the future, appealing to noise-conscious customers.

If you are creating an interior design for an office, hotel, place of worship, shopping mall, or in general an environment that requires noise abatement and soundproofing, you can use the architectural files of Phonotamburato® acoustic partition wall panels.
Product data sheets, Floema brochures, catalogs are available at the bottom of this page, where you can also find 3d textures of the acoustic partition walls with the different types of surface microperforations, available for download in formats for 3ds Max and other architectural design softwares.
Phonotamburato® is also available as bim adsklib libraries for autodesk revit; if you design using autodesk revit you will also find bim objects of acoustic partition walls in rvt, ifc and rfa formats, or 3d models of acoustic partition walls in dwg, dxf and fbx.

To read more about the technical characteristics of the sound-absorbing panel and to view measurements, please see the product page for Phonotamburato® sound-absorbing and sound-insulating material.