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The Gessi 316 Program is the response to Gessi’s research for a precious and noble material that be durable, resistant and beautiful to see. Gessi sought for an element that could exalt, with simplicity, its creations, from taps to accessories, through a design of visual immediacy and essential refinement. The protagonist of this new Program is the Gessi exclusive steel AISI 316. Gessi 316 is the perfect synthesis of advanced technology, artisanship and high design.

The special Gessi steel AISI 316 is an extraordinary material for an extraordinary design. Not many materials can praise a resistance similar to stainless steel, which in any given environmental condition, will never lose its shining, the perfect elegance, the rich color, while demanding a minimum maintenance.

The steel of the Gessi 316 Program, confirms a value of great important to Gessi Company: “Design for nature”. In fact, steel is recyclable by 100%, it can be regenerated and reused forever, permitting to reduce the consumption of natural resources.

Not only highly performing, the Company has made this precious and noble material, that  Gessi has long used for his shower program Private Wellness®, an element of great  versatility and beauty also for tap ware.



The “circle” is not only a geometrical feature, but also indeed a design that belongs to the most typical stylistic tradition and story of creations of Gessi, which expressed themselves in archetypical “Segni /signs”. The quintessence of the perfect shape, transcendent styles and fashions, a round design gives a special grace and contemporaneous harmony to the bathroom.

Gessi was able to write for this shape a completely new story, giving it such freshness of concept to make it unprecedented and up-to-date.

Tornita is characterized by an exclusive very elegant straight spout, which has no counterparts and by a "Milleluci" glare on flat surfaces, produced by a special processing of steel. All of the 316 Program taps stress on the concept of customization, and are therefore provided with a double-length handle, which can be freely chosen according to one’s own taste.

The round section of Gessi 316 Program, makes the Collection a modern classic, that has been entirely reinterpreted, so to look both elegant and fresh. This Collection is rich in variety, open to stylistic interpretations and customization.



With its creativity and the style, Gessi has been able to instill a completely new feeling into steel.  This material is usually perceived as technical and “cold”,  and yet Gessi made it look and feel warm and decorative. Gessi in fact has made the body of the tap rich in esthetic and decorative particulars, as textures and patterns developing different themes to cater to different tastes. Decorations go hand in hand with differentiated length handles, glamorous finishes and a contemporary and innovative system of modular sinks.

Glamorous patterns: the charming patterns of Trame and Intrecci, through the exclusive engraving treatment of stainless steel, create pieces of special taste, perfect for  those who loves essentiality, but also want to give to the bathroom a refined look, those who want to mix high-tech with decorative and warm.

Industrial-chic glare: thanks to a rich and captivating superficial consistency, motives and finishings, the Gessi 316 System, gives the interior designer of Bathroom, the most various and surprising decoration opportunities. Patterns span from the shining smoothness of the pure metal to chic tones, to more accentuated superficial consistences, as such industrial-chic patterns of Meccanica and Cesello.

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